Evaluation & Co-Managment For LASIK, CATARACT & YAG Surgeries lin Colorado Springs, CO

We do not perform any eye surgeries at our offices, but we coordinate care with the ophthalmologists who do perform these surgeries. If you are considering LASIK, cataract, or YAG surgery you should make an appointment with us first. For laser eye surgeries or cataract surgeries, you will need to see an optometrist before you can have your surgery done. The ophthalmologist who performs the surgery will want to have information about your eye health and vision so that he can discuss the surgery with you accurately. If you are having a comprehensive exam with us, mention to one of the technicians or the doctor that you are interested in having eye surgery. If you have had an eye exam with us recently but forgot to ask about receiving surgery, we can schedule an appointment for you to talk about it with the doctor.

For LASIK surgeries or other vision correcting surgeries, the doctor can let you know what kind of vision you can expect after the surgery, how long that vision will last, and how it will affect your vision later on in life. There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of different surgeries, including your prescription history, astigmatism, corneal thickness, and age. If you decide to have a surgery, you can have your follow-up appointments at our office. The doctor who performs LASIK or a different laser eye surgery will want information from our office before the doctor performs surgery.

For cataract surgery, you will need a referral from an optometrist's office like our's in order to see the ophthalmologist who will be doing your surgery. Our doctors can let you know whether or not the cataract surgery will qualify as medically necessary, which is important since cataract surgery is very expensive without insurance. Our doctor can also refer you to the right surgeon for your insurance and your eyes. Usually, the ophthalmologist who performed the surgery will have you see us afterwards for the follow-up visit and to eventually get new glasses for your cataract-free eyes.

YAG surgery will have a similar process to cataract surgery, except the surgery and recovery are a lot quicker. The ophthalmologist can perform surgery on both eyes in the same day, and the follow-up process is usually done in about a week, as opposed to the one month follow-up process for cataract surgery.